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Car doors are your car’s key part, and when they become impaired or need to be changed, they can be expensive. Knowing how much it cost to replace a car door in Canada is essential to make knowledgeable verdicts about repairs. In this article, we will explore several factors that influence [...]

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There are approximately 160,000 vehicle crashes annually in Canada. This results in nearly 2800 to 2900 deaths per year. Most of these crashes are caused by careless drivers and badly maintained automobiles. For instance, the brake pad on the car is generally the first component that gets worn [...]

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The first thought after this question might be just to “SELL YOUR VEHICLE TO AUTO WRECKERS”. Well, it seems like the most appropriate decision, but how to do it, and where to sell the scrap? Now, this seems like a difficult process. You have to figure out your options, and while you are at [...]

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We all have been in events where we accidentally drive over fresh road paint. The road paint not only stains your vehicle’s bottom but also taints your automobile’s lower sides. This can impair your car’s paint coating and make it seem less attractive. Luckily, there are various easy [...]

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Engine rattle when idle is enormously irritating and can cause the driver to panic if it comes with a costly repair bill, but it is an early cautionary sign that something is wrong with your automobile. This guide will discuss the most common causes of car making rattling noises and what they [...]