How Long Do Car Brake Pads Last?

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There are approximately 160,000 vehicle crashes annually in Canada. This results in nearly 2800 to 2900 deaths per year.

Most of these crashes are caused by careless drivers and badly maintained automobiles. For instance, the brake pad on the car is generally the first component that gets worn out and might cause a crash.

Therefore, most drivers wonder, about the “Lifespan of vehicle Brake Pads” This is a critical query because driving around with impaired brake pads is extremely hazardous.

Today’s guide will tell you about the importance of car brakes and when you should replace your vehicle brake pads in Canada.

What Are Brake Pads, And Why Are They Important?

Car brake pads offer friction to stop or slow down the vehicle. They are an important part of the car’s braking system. They are the auto parts that contact and apply stress and friction to the rotors.

The friction and stress applied to the rotors slow and halted your car’s wheels. Once the tires stop rotating, your vehicle also stops moving.

How Long Do Car Brake Pads Last?

The average lifespan of brake pads is between 25,000 and 60,000 miles. The back pads will last longer because most vehicles are front-wheel drive; therefore, the front pads function harder to aid in slowing them down.

Your driving style affects the pads’ life. Aggressive braking is extremely bad for them as it enhances their workload. Now, you might be speculating “how many brake pads are on a car,” “how often to change brake pads,” and “how much to replace brake pads”?

Most automobiles feature two brake pads and one brake rotor per tire. When you apply the brakes, the friction causes pad and rotor deterioration. Changing them after 40,000 miles is best to guarantee they are still in good condition and avoid accidents while driving.

The average cost of brake pads is between $35 and $150. The labor cost is between $80 and $120. The total cost of brake pad replacement is $115 and $300.

How To Check Brake Pads?

Below are the three ways to check them:

  • Check them by removing the wheel
  • Check them without removing the wheel
  • Recognize the signs of worn brake pads

How To Change A Brake Pad On A Car?

Follow these steps to how to change a brake pad on a car.

  • First, figure out if they require changing.
  • Then, loosen the lug nuts and position your vehicle.
  • Eliminate the lug nuts and caliper bolts.
  • Eliminate the worn brake pads.
  • Prepare and deploy the new pads.
  • Adjust the caliper assembly.
  • Re-install the wheels and lower your vehicle.

How To Increase Brake Pads’ Life?

Follow these automotive tips to increase the lifespan of brake pads.

  • Keep your automobile lighter by eliminating needless weight.
  • Don’t brake aggressively.
  • There should be ample space between you and the vehicle in front of you to brake easily.


Your automobile’s braking system is one of the essential components regarding safety. Ensure that you schedule a brake examination, vehicle maintenance, and repair service with an expert mechanic to guarantee that they work optimally.

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