How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Door?

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Car doors are your car’s key part, and when they become impaired or need to be changed, they can be expensive.

Knowing how much it cost to replace a car door in Canada is essential to make knowledgeable verdicts about repairs.

In this article, we will explore several factors that influence the cost of replacing the car door and the median door replacement cost.

Which Factors Impact The Car Door Replacement Cost?

The costs may range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Why do the expenses vary significantly? Let’s discover the cost-determining factors:

  • Car’s Make And Model

The automotive repair cost is reliant on your automobile’s model. If it is a regular family vehicle, odds are the changing expense would be low. However, the replacement cost will be higher if it is a luxury car.

Plus, the automobiles that are extremely popular among people, their spare parts are easily available in a typical case. Spare parts for limited edition car models are not readily available, even if it is from a leading brand.

  • Used Or New Doors

Purchasing used car parts from a factory or dealership guarantee sturdiness and quality, while buying them from a salvage shop will be cost-effective.

You should invest in painting the used car door as its surface is possibly scuffed and scratched. Occasionally, a new door may need to be painted too to match the rest of the car’s color.

  • Door Type

The car door damage repairs or replacement cost also depends on the type. A regular door is much more affordable than a sliding or butterfly door.

Also, the materials utilized to create the door will differ. The door may be steel manufactured, while the door handle may be made of plastic.

Additionally, labor expenses will also vary for each part. The components like the lock and window will be easier to deploy than the whole door.

  • Amount Of Damage

Is it just a car door dent or scratch on the paint job? Or do you need to replace some interior parts? Major damage may demand changing the whole door.

The extent of impairment is critical in calculating the total car door repair cost. The doors in modern vehicles perform many more tasks than just opening and closing.

The driver’s side door has many electrical parts, such as power windows, power locks, etc. The expenses will increase if you need to repair or replace any of these components.

  • Body Shop Or Dealership

The servicing center is the final cost-determining factor for replacing car doors after an accident. You can select a body shop or a dealership, and the former will charge a bit less.

On Average, How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Door?

A single-door replacement cost can be between $800 and $2500. The replacement door frame cost, without window glass and internal parts, can be between $500 and $1500, depending on the automobile’s model and make.

You may need to paint it and deploy various electrical parts. After adding 3-5 hours of labor, the repair of damaged door costs can easily surpass $2500.


Changing a vehicle door can be costly and time-consuming, but comprehending how to replace a car door price and comparing costs between various shops can aid in keeping the cost down.

Factors like the vehicle’s age, model, and make, the door’s condition, and the kind of replacement component utilized can affect the replacement cost.

Overall, you can anticipate spending anywhere between $800 and $2500 changing your door. Follow Schneider’s Auto Wrecking Ltd for more useful vehicle tips.