Reasons For Rattling Noise in Car

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Engine rattle when idle is enormously irritating and can cause the driver to panic if it comes with a costly repair bill, but it is an early cautionary sign that something is wrong with your automobile.

This guide will discuss the most common causes of car making rattling noises and what they mean to aid you in detecting your issue.

5 Reasons Why Is My Car Making A Rattling Noise?

Below are the most prevalent reasons for the rattling sound in the vehicle:

  • Oil Pressure

If you listen to a rattling sound when your automobile is idling, it is arriving from your engine and is an indication of low oil pressure.

If you overlook this problem, you can cause severe harm to your moving components and engine.

  • Broken Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt drives your vehicle’s AC compressor, water pump, and alternator. If you don’t know the contrast between a timing and a serpentine belt, the first one cannot be seen because it is concealed beneath protective covers.

The engine will overheat if you drive your automobile with a broken or defective serpentine belt. Open up your bonnet to inspect and decide whether you can take the motor to a technician yourself or if it will require towing.

  • Water Pump Bearings

If your car’s water pumps deteriorate, they will produce a loud rattling noise instigated by the bearings rubbed together.

If this is the scenario, you will observe your automobile’s temperature problems when viewing the dashboard’s gauge.

This is because of the verity that there is a shortage of pressure from the pump.

  • Broken Heat Shields

If you notice a loud rattling noise when accelerating the car, broken heat shields might be the culprit.

They are metal guards surrounding the exhaust system’s several components, protecting your vehicle from the heat it puts out.

One cause they break is due to their near to the earth’s location. This leaves them exposed to debris and dampness, which means they will probably develop issues with corrosion.

If the damage is serious, it can cause your vehicle to make a rattling noise when driving. They do so because of more pressure being put on the engine.

The harder it functions, the more air travels through the exhaust, where the heat shields are positioned.

  • Loose Exhaust

The exhaust system will stretch the complete length of your automobile, and with time, it is expected that the joint holding the exhaust system in place will become loose.

When this occurs, the exhaust will quiver and hit the rest of the vehicle and cause the annoying rattling noise under cars in Ontario, Canada.


Rattling noise in a car is a significant indicator of underlying issues with your motor. Unusual noises can pinpoint initial faults within the mechanical workings, permitting you to troubleshoot any problems and change parts when required.

Keeping conscious behind the wheel is critical to evading hefty repair bills. Get in touch with Schneider’s Auto Wrecking Ltd to sell your junk car and receive a good amount.