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The first thought after this question might be just to “SELL YOUR VEHICLE TO AUTO WRECKERS”. Well, it seems like the most appropriate decision, but how to do it, and where to sell the scrap? Now, this seems like a difficult process. You have to figure out your options, and while you are at [...]

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Instead of rotting the car in your garage, it is always a better choice to earn money from junk vehicles. However, having concerns and questions about selling the car in Canada is also quite genuine. To help you with the process and requirements about scrapping my vehicle, we have compiled some [...]

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Did you know that 79.1 million new cars had manufactured worldwide in 2021? Unfortunately, for every new automobile that gets put on the highway, another vehicle becomes unusable scrap. Every car owner wants the best resale value for a junk vehicle. They may utilize that amount to purchase [...]