What Are The Chances Of Getting Into A Car Accident?

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Automobile accidents are a serious protection problem in Ontario, Canada. Hundreds of thousands of folks get injuries, and tens of thousands of individuals die in car crashes.

Even a small automobile accident can destroy your whole day. You might ponder, “What are your chances of a car crash? There is no one “correct” answer, as your hazard relies on various elements.

Although an accident is something that you should forever be ready for. In this blog, we will discuss what causes a car accident, what your chances of a car accident are, and how to avoid car accidents.

What Is Your Probability Of Car Accident Per Mile Driven?

There is a higher possibility that you will get into some sort of automobile accident at some point in your life. For every 1000 miles you drive, your possibility of being involved in an accident is 1 in 366.

According to a survey, 77% of drivers have been involved in one or more crashes. The average motorist will file an insurance claim for a car accident once every 17.9 years.

It means that an average person can anticipate being in 3 to 4 car accidents throughout their lifetime. Every year, car accidents injure 2 million folks and kill 32,000 people.

What Causes Car Accidents?

If you aspire to lower your chances of having a car accident, look at these factors.

  • Speeding

According to statistics, speed is the #1 cause of road car accidents. In 2018, 31% of teen motorists died due to fast speed. The sole factor that causes more accidents than fast speed is driving impaired.

Motorists surveyed disclose alarming results. 42% of vehicle owners don’t consider driving 10 mph over the limit of speeding. Another ten percent don’t consider driving 20 mph over the limit of speeding.

Drivers speed 10 mph 50% of the time, which manifests in a higher hazard of an accident by 9.1%.

  • Impaired Driving

More than 50% of car owners confess to driving while distracted, whether combing their hair, using the phone, changing clothes, etc. Alcohol impairment causes more than 10,000 deaths annually.

Driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs is dangerous. Avoid driving under the influence. It is best to call your friend for a ride or take advantage of a rideshare service.

Driving when sleep-deprived is another major cause of road car accidents. 20% of folks have dozed off while driving. In 2017, fatigued drivers caused 91,000 car collisions, ensuing in 795 fatalities and 50,000 worst car crash injuries.

  • Weather

Up to 6 million vehicle accidents yearly are linked to weather conditions. Icy highways contribute to 156,000 accidents annually.

Every year twenty-four percent of weather-related crashes happen on icy or snowy roads. Motorists need to know it takes 10X more time to stop on ice than on a dry road.

How To Avoid Accidents?

Follow these car tips to avoid them:

  • Avoid driving when sleepy or tired.
  • Don’t get distracted.
  • Wear your seat belt always.
  • Train for bad weather conditions.
  • Avoid phones while driving.
  • Follow the speed limit.


Your possibility of having an accident 1-3 times in your lifetime is based on your and other drivers’ driving ability. Follow the tips mentioned above to avoid car accidents. Keep following Schneider’s Auto Wrecking Ltd for vehicle maintenance tips.