FAQs About Selling Your Used CAR

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Instead of rotting the car in your garage, it is always a better choice to earn money from junk vehicles. However, having concerns and questions about selling the car in Canada is also quite genuine.

To help you with the process and requirements about scrapping my vehicle, we have compiled some Q/A for you.

●    Can you sell a car in Ontario without safety?

When selling a used car privately in Ontario, a Safety Certificate is required to transfer ownership. The safety inspection must be carried out by a repair facility accredited by the Ministry of Transportation in order to ensure that your vehicle is safe to operate.

●    What do I do with my license plates when I sell my car?

The vehicle’s registration will stay with the seller until the buyer registers it. Remember to take off your license plates before selling your car. These cannot be given to the purchaser when you sell your vehicle.

●    Is a bill of sale required in Ontario?

Besides the cost of a scrap car, you must also consider the bill of sale. In Ontario, a vehicle bill of sale is required. So, the complete required information must be included in the bill of sale. A bill of sale is typically given to you by a dealership if you purchase a vehicle from them.

●    How much does it cost to transfer ownership of a car in Ontario?

It can cost you around $32. All cars fall under this rule. The bill of sale will note this cost, typically included in the final purchase price.

●    Should I sell my vehicle to a dealership?

Many people think about offering their car to a car dealer if it is beyond routine vehicle maintenance. It serves as a substitute for selling privately. One of the benefits of selling to an auto dealer is the ease of the transaction. You shouldn’t have any trouble locating a dealership to purchase your vehicle.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a bid that high. Dealers will offer you money in order to buy your vehicle and sell it for a profit. Expect to earn less. However, it is a realistic choice if you need to sell swiftly and without trouble. If you wish to purchase a new vehicle, you might also utilize your current vehicle as a trade-in value, or you can also opt to sell the vehicle to a junkyard.

●    What documents do I give to the buyer when selling my car?

Keep the following document with you to give to the Car buyers in Ontario:

  • A signed bill of sale
  • Completed Application for Transfer

Bottom Line

You will find many ways to sell used and unwanted cars to buyers in Ontario. Moreover, you can upgrade your vehicle as the automotive industry is shifting rapidly.

Yes, you might love your vintage vehicle, but is it worth driving on the road is another question. So, while you have a chance to get a good value for your junk car, contact Schneider’s Auto Wrecking Ltd now.