How To Fix Hail Damage On Cars?

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Small pebble-sized hail can cause severe damage to your automobile, so you should never underestimate it.

Actually, it can total a car, so you may need to replace it completely. Hail dents can impact the resale price of your car, and bigger dents can be unattractive to a proud car owner.

Dents are the most prevalent type of hail damage. It can also scrape against body panels, causing scratches on the paint. Sometimes, it can crack your lights and mirrors.

If you have witnessed hail damage, hail damage repair can bring your automobile back to its pre-hailstorm condition.

In this blog, we will converse about how to get a dent out of a car.

How To Fix Hail Damaged Cars In Ontario?

If a hail storm damages your vehicle, the great news is it can be repaired. Follow these guidelines to fix car issues.

  • Buy A Dent Puller

You can use dent pullers for small dent repair. They arrive in various sizes and shapes; you can purchase them online or at auto parts shops.

It is a mechanical instrument that sits on the vehicle and grips a tiny puck that is hot glued to the dent. Pucks come in several different sizes and shapes.

Glue them to your automobile and then utilize the puller to bend the metal back. One large pull will yank the adhesive instantly from the car surface without impairing the paint or leaving a reminder behind.

  • Apply Extreme Heat

You can apply heat for removing hail dents. The vehicle’s metal expands when it gets warm.

That’s why parking your automobile in the sunlight will help minor dents to pop back put. Remember, this solution is not instant.

Because it also depends on the weather and how long your car sits in the sunlight. It is best to leave it in the sunlight for 4-5 hours to encourage the indentations to pop out.

This is improbable to work, and if it does, it will work only for the tiniest dents that are already imperceptible.

  • Apply Extreme Cold

The next way of repairing dents on cars is to apply extreme cold. Wear gloves and apply dry ice to the damaged area.

The ice’s sudden cooling on the metal causes the indentations to pop out. This method can work, but the outcomes are mixed and rely on numerous factors.

  • Take Your Car To Mechanic

Hiring the services of a mechanic for hail dent repair in Canada is sometimes the ideal option, especially if you see major dents.

Trying DIY repair techniques carries some hazards of impairing the automobile, so it is better to take your vehicle to an expert for repair.

They can repair minor damage using a kit for car dents in a few days. However, if the vehicle has major dents, it may take almost three weeks.


So, these four tips can aid you in fixing hail-damaged cars. It is recommended to employ auto maintenance services for repairing dents on cars rather than trying DIY techniques.

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