How to Fix Paint Scratches on Car?

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Car scratches are a widespread issue, and they can be annoying, to be honest.

They can occur from small accidents like scrubbing against other automobiles, hitches during parking, and sliding against tree branches.

Of course, nobody likes spoiled areas that stand out in the heart of their lustrous impeccable paint job.

Another problem is that folks have little knowledge about car scratches and vehicle maintenance in Ontario, which adds both to nuisance and overall expenses.

Read on to learn how to fix deep scratches from cars.

Get rid of car scratches

How to Fix Paint Scratches on Car Using Paint?

If you are dealing with paint scratch on car, follow these steps to fix it with paint.

1. Wash Your Car

Initiate by washing your vehicle with car shampoo and a soft, clean rag.

Then, ensure it’s wholly dry and clean before you move to the next step.

2. Sand the Scratched Spot

The next step of car scratch repair is to sand the scratched spot. You have to strip away the top layers of the paint.

Utilize 2000-grit sandpaper to sand the botched spot in 10-15 seconds. Then, inspect it to see whether you need to sand it deeper or not.

If the scratch is deeper, use 150-grit sandpaper for sanding it. Confirm there’s no debris between the sandpaper and the car because it will result in abrading.

3. Wash and Dry the Spot

The third step of the automotive scratch repair is to wash away the debris left after sandpapering the scratched spot.

Then, use a rag to wipe the vehicle surface. Avoid using dirty cloth in this step as it will result in more abrades on your vehicle surface.

4. Spray Primer Coats on the Sandpapered Spots

After rubbing the abraded spots, spray a few primer coats to fix deep scratches on your vehicle.

You should spray primer coats in back and forth motion on the paint.

Then, wait for 10 minutes for the coat to dry and then spray again.

Use a primer that is closer to your vehicle paint color.

5. Apply Some Paint Layers

The next step of the bumper scratch repair is to apply a few paint coats to the spots where you applied primer coats.

Wait for 5-10 minutes for the paint layer to dry, and then apply again.

6. Wax the Fixed Spot to Lock the Paint

The final step of car scratch remover is to wax the restored spot to seal the paint.

After painting your vehicle with some paint layers, wax the painted spot for locking the paint.

Use a soft rag to apply carnauba wax on your vehicle surface, then buff the spot.

To do this job effectively, press down the cloth with moderate pressure, then move it in circular movements.

Keep waxing until you see the vehicle surface looks glossy.


It’s such a disgrace to watch a conspicuous car be covered in scratches.

However, by following this step-by-step guide, you can easily repair paint scratches on car in Ontario, Canada.

If you think you can’t fix them yourself, we recommend employing a professional service like Schneider’s Auto Wrecking Ltd for immediate assistance.