How To Remove Road Paint From Car?

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We all have been in events where we accidentally drive over fresh road paint. The road paint not only stains your vehicle’s bottom but also taints your automobile’s lower sides.

This can impair your car’s paint coating and make it seem less attractive. Luckily, there are various easy methods to remove road paint from a car in Ontario, Canada.

Eradicating the paint taint is not difficult if you are cautious and gentle enough. In this blog, we will share a couple of effective ways that will aid in removing paint from wheels.

How To Get Road Paint Off A Car?

Here are the best approaches to eradicating road paint without damaging your car.

  • Power Wash Your Car

Removing road paint is identical to eliminating a garment stain. It is better to deal with it as early as possible. If your car has been exposed to road paint, park it at a safe place and examine the exterior.

It assists in knowing what color the paint was to start with. White and yellow paint are the most prevalent hues, and they will stand out more on darker-colored automobiles.

Power wash your vehicle’s exterior right away if it has road paint traces. Most contemporary vehicle washes have self-service bays with wall-mounted power washers.

They work with cash or a credit card, so you must have some change with you. Utilize the power washer rod on the tainted area of your vehicle.

  • Soap

Soap is another option that you can use to remove road painters. Apply regular soap on a sponge or a cloth and scrub away. You can scrub as much as you want because soap won’t damage your car’s paint.

This looks extremely easy and mild for a start. A regular soap bar works wonderfully in getting it off the vehicle.

  • Clay Bar The Paint

Folks acquainted with automotive detailing will know the significance of the clay bar. This handy tool is utilized after the contact wash and before the polishing phase.

It functions with lubricants to slide over the paint’s surface while collecting dirt particles in the procedure. The nice thing is that it is safe on paint as it is a non-abrasive material.

This paint remover for cars can aid in eradicating road paint. To take full advantage of it, you can use clay bar lubricant or leave your automobile damp after washing.

Gently scrub the car’s surface by applying light pressure with up and down patterns. Don’t scrub in circular motions, as this will cause spider webbing and light scratches on the surface.

  • Apply Iron Remover

Another excellent paint remover for wheels is an acid-free iron remover. With a balanced pH level formula, it will forever be safe on paint. You might think it only works on spots with brake dirt or other metallic pollution.

Though it is a fact, this road paint remover for cars can loosen the road paint and get the vehicle surface prepped before the contact wash. You can also apply it before clay barring the car.


So, these are the four tried and tested ways of how to get paint off the car. These methods are safe and won’t damage the paint. For more excellent car cleaning tips, follow Schneider’s Auto Wrecking Ltd.