How Much Is A Scrap Car Worth?

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Did you know that 79.1 million new cars had manufactured worldwide in 2021?

Unfortunately, for every new automobile that gets put on the highway, another vehicle becomes unusable scrap.

Every car owner wants the best resale value for a junk vehicle.

They may utilize that amount to purchase a new van or a fun and unforgettable weekend getaway to a stunning place.

When you decide it is the perfect time to sell a broken truck, you are most likely anticipating a good return.

The typical scrap value of a car is between $150 and $800, although the price you acquire depends on various factors.

Read on to know how much can you get for a scrap vehicle and where can I scrap my car in Ontario, Canada.

How Much Is A Scrap Car Worth?

The most common query that we get is “how much for a scrap car”?

The worth of junk automobiles changes with the current scrap metal rates.

If you have an inoperable junk vehicle, it will be utilized for recycling.

If you want to sell a car for scrap to a junkyard, they will usually pay you money for your automobile based on the weight of diverse kinds of metal inside your vehicle.

Your car’s biggest and heaviest section is manufactured of steel.

Nowadays, an automobile contains 2,000-2,500 pounds of steel, whereas a truck contains 3000 pounds of steel.

Moreover, they also have copper and aluminum. These metals are present in smaller amounts inside the vehicles.

An average car has 200 to 300 pounds of aluminum and more than 50 pounds of copper inside.

In September 2021, the price of junk steel was $208 per ton, which is equal to $0.10 per pound.

Many wrecking yards in Ontario offer $203 per ton or approximately $0.10 per pound.

So, you can take the weight of your vehicle and figure out its worth with the scrap car value calculator.

The scrap car prices for smaller cars, mid-size automobiles, and large trucks are $100, $150 to $300, and $250 to $450, respectively.

Which Factors Impact The Value Of A Junk Car?

Selling Car to the Canadian Junkyard

These factors affect the scrap car battery’s worth.

Your Car’s Type

The most important thing most car removal services providers will ask you is what sort of vehicle you own.

They will inquire about your wagon’s model and make before making an offer.

If you have a van with parts and accessories that are forever in high demand, you will certainly obtain good offers.

Your Car’s Age

junk car buyer will also inquire you about the year in which your vehicle was made.

So, remember that your vehicle’s age will be an essential determining factor in how much you can get for a scrap car.

Therefore, you must find out when your car was made if you are uncertain about it before contacting a scrap vehicle buyer.

Your Location

Your locality also significantly impacts the cash you can receive by selling junk vehicles.

The local rate of junk and your closeness to a junkyard play a key role in determining how much cash for trucks.

The time of the year or season also influences the prices.

You will also need to take into account other aspects, such as the stock market and industrial demand.

Your Car’s Condition

You can receive a handsome amount if your vehicle is in good condition and can be repaired for a decent return.

If it is useless and needs to be wrecked, you will receive a less amount.

Several factors determine your automobile’s overall condition.

The metal’s age and spare parts’ working state determine how much you will get for removing junk cars.

If the metal is old and corroded, you will unquestionably get a less amount.


As you can see, various factors affect a junk car’s worth.

In most cases, you can anticipate acquiring 20% to 40% of your automobile’s resale worth if you sell the vehicle for scrap to the junkyard.

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